Success Program
Meadowbrook High School

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap
Meadowbrook High School's Success Program has created an innovative partnership with one of several Title I Elementary schools in our community, Falling Creek Elementary. Bridging the Gap provides high school students various opportunities to tutor,mentor and provide much needed resources to elementary students who will one day attend Meadowbrook High School.

Success Program students had the opportunity to refurbish donated computers via a grant from the VASTAR computer program. In addition, via a partnership with Microsoft, Success Program students were able to install donated newly purchased Windows and Microsoft Office products on each computer.

During the summer, the Success Program held a "Bridging the Gap" event at Meadowbrook High School. Over 25 familes received refurbished computers with recently purchased Windows and Microsoft Office installed on each computer.

Pictured above are (L to R): Front Row: Success Program student volunteers. Back Row: Success Program volunteer tutor-William Stehle, Microsoft Employee Matt Stehle , Chesterfield County Public Schools Grant Director-Susan Dandridge, Microsoft Employee Ethan McConnell

Throughout the school year, Success Program students mentor Falling Creek Elementary Kindergartners via a grant from Microsoft.

During their visits to Falling Creek Elementary, Success students read books, practiced coin counting, review sight words and even practiced tying shoes

Success Program students created SOL driven lessons for 3rd graders at Falling Creek Elementary. Success students created and taught lessons in preparation for the 3rd grade History, Science and Math SOLs.

As a direct result of the partnership of the Success Program and Falling Creek Elementary; Falling Creek's 3rd grade made AYP (No Child Left Behind)!! Congratulations to all 3rd graders and Success mentors!!!!!

Success Program students volunteered to mentor students participating in Falling Creek elementary's summer program. At the culmination of the summer program, Success Program students donated their own money to provide entertainment from a national Puppeteer company, Tyrone's World

Meadowbrook's Varsity football players provided mentorship to Falling Creek Elementary Students. The football players were participating in S.A.F.E (Student Athletes for Education) which provided 5th grade boys academic and social support.

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