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Meadowbrook High School makes AYP for 2015-16!!!!

Meadowbrook had one of the greatest turnarounds in Chesterfield County- Success Program students repeatedly outscored not only their high school counterparts, but other schools throughout the county!

The Meadowbrook Success Program is a proud member of the SPM collaboration.

Misson Statement
The Success Program believes all students can be successful if they are provided the resources to exceed the high expectations that are placed on them

"...the Success teachers are really hard on you...they expect you to do well...but, that's a good thing..I guess pressure makes perfect..."
-Success Program 9th grader

If you would like more information on the Success Program or would like to start a program at your school, contact Matt Bland at

Our very own Mr. Stehle is in the Richmond Times Dispatch!
Thank you Mr. Stehle for your volunteerism and dedication to our Success students.

"For over 13 years, the Success Program continues to produce amazing numbers....schools throughout the state and country have now adopted the "Success" model....every school should have a safety net program based on the original Success Program model developed in Chesterfield County"
-Dr. Michael Jernigan
Business Adminstration and Leadership Studies
Averett University

"The Success Program helped me keep my books straight throughout high school...I really enjoyed being a mentor during my junior and senior year"
-Kavell Conner
Indianapolis Colts

"The Success Program decreases failures by raising expectations"
-Richmond Times Dispatch

Check out the Success Program recently featured on our very own MBK 411 (2013 Virginia State Champion/Media Broadcasting)

The Success Program works!

*Over 97% of the 9th grade class(approx 500 9th graders) were promoted to 10th grade
*Success Program 9th graders outscored non-Success students on every SOL (Virginia State Assessments)
*Success Program 9th graders had a 91% pass rate on the increasingly difficult Geometry SOL (highest in Chesterfield County)
*over 200 verified credits have been earned during our summer academic boot camp, Jumpstart to Success

Congratulations to the 102 Success Program students who achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher
 for the 1st nine weeks!

 Pictured above are some of our Success Program students who maintained over a 3.0 GPA for the 1st nine weeks! We are very proud of you!!!

Congratulations to former Success Program student, Robert Johnson, who recently accepted a scholarship to play basketball at Indiana University

"We would like to thank the Success Program students for participating in this year's X-Out Homelessness Campaign.....your generous donations of toiletries and clothing will directly benefit our clients....your kids are awesome!"
                             -The Advancement Team
            Daily Planet

"The Success Progam not only helped me with my academic studies but provided me the opportunity to help others in the community"
-Lionell Williams
LSU Football

"The Success Program is an amazing combination of peer mentoring and academic support. It's just the type of thing we wish all school would create. Hopefully, more people will use your program as a model"
                                       -Micah Jacobson
                                                   The Boomerang Project

Check out a recent news article about Meadowbrook's Success Program 

"...I really enjoyed being in the Success Program....the class was cool...the teachers really cared about you..."
-Marcus Hyde
International Fashion Photographer

Congratulations to former Success Program mentor and current team captain for the University of Virginia football team, Anthony Harris, for being selected to the Walter Camp All-American 2nd team
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